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Air compressor in use law

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Compressor working environment should be kept clean, dry and free of dust and solid particles in place.
Air compressor tank should be placed at the good, within a radius of 15m can not be welded or heating operations.
Pressure gauge and relief valve should check at least once a year.
Start the air compressor must be carried out in no-load state, to be operating normally, gradually entering the load operation.The maximum pressure in the tank can not exceed the nameplate, the safety valve should be sensitive and effective.
The intake and exhaust valves, bearings and components should be no abnormal noise or overheating.
Shutdown, the load should be lifted, and then separating the master clutch; stopping the internal combustion engine or electric motor operation.
When using compressed air purge part, is strictly prohibited outlet align human or other devices.
The work is completed within the gas tank residual gas release, the winter should let go of the cooling water.
Electric air compressor power cable installation must comply with electrical safety specifications, repeating solid grounding, electric shock protection is sensitive. Operation in case of power failure, immediately turn off the power and restart After a call.

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